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"V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" proposes a wide range of marketing services. We understand that there is no unique solution to resolve a problem. We develop market studies according to the need of each client and specific marketing demand. We provide the marketing information, which will help you to find a balance and make a realistic decision.

  • You want to increase your market share at certain market?
  • You want to assess most attractive sale strategies?
  • You want to know who your direct competitors are?
  • You need to access new markets with your product?
  • You want to increase your company profits?
  • Your sale dropped significantly and you do not know the reason?
  • You want to introduce a new product in the market?
  • You need to assess the location of a new facility from the point of view of investments?

Business world develops today faster than ever. Leadership can be achieved only by in-depth theoretic knowledge, exceptional communications skills and creative use of opportunities. This cannot be achieved without accurate information. Therefore, today the decisive factor of success in business is efficient application of information, obtained from marketing surveys.

Here are the tools that we possess:

  • A team of qualified interviewers, capable to perform the polls of any complexity
  • Experienced specialists in data processing and analysis
  • Advanced technical means for information processing and replication
  • Qualified experts in marketing surveys.

We propose the following services:

  • Analyst market overview, with specific sectors and segments
  • Calculation and validation of the potential market capacity
  • Market segmentation
  • Trademark analysis
  • Consumer preference analysis and forecast demand
  • Price analysis and development of price strategies
  • Competitor analysis, recommendations on the selection of partners/suppliers
  • Identification of market gaps and minimum competition gaps
  • Positioning of goods
  • Product promotion strategy analysis: advertisement, sales motivation
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Development of concept of trade entertainment, and office centers
  • Marketing justification of investment projects