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"V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" performs the valuation of almost any property and objects, including:

  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Machinery and Equipment Valuation
  • Motor Transport Valuation
  • Intangible Assets Valuation
  • Securities Valuation
  • Land Valuation

Purpose of performance of valuation:

The valuation of property is performed for the purposes of credit under the guarantee of the evaluated object (mortgage), deposited of property to charter capital, insurance, documentation of inheritance (for notary), separation of property, management decision making (merger, takeover), purchased of state property, re-valuation of value of main assets, valuation of damage and insurance compensation.

Independent valuation expertise allows establishment to various types of values:

  • Market value most possible object value in the sale at open market
  • Replacement value sum of costs in the market values for development of the facility, identical to the evaluated object
  • Investment value based on the profitability of the object at a given investment targets.

Determination of various types of values will provide you with objective information on the real value of the object, and will be of great use in making management decisions. As a result on the implementation of valuation expertise we provide to our Customer, the report on the valuation will contain detailed validation of the cost of the evaluated object. The valuation expertise is performed in accordance with following main documents regulating the professional valuation practice.

Real Estate Valuation:

Real estate valuation is one of the most common types of assessment. Often the value of real estate is obvious to its owners or assumed buyers. However, in the process of professional study by the assessor of all factors related to the property, its value can be significantly adjusted from its initial assumptions.

Valuation of machinery and equipment:

Professional valuation of machinery and equipment is important. Often this is the only method of establishing the actual value of the active part of its main asset, which comprises the technical base of any enterprise.

Valuation of intangible assets:

Intangible assets can be divided into three following groups: intellectual property (industrial property, know-how, copyright items), organization costs, business image (or goodwill).

Valuation of intellectual property:

Requirement for valuation of intellectual property occurs in depositing the items into the enterprise charter fund, with the implementation of the sale and with the purchase of deals or execution of the license agreement use for the intellectual property, determining the size of compensation, as well as changing the cost of main assets of the enterprise in accounting.

Valuation of securities:

Valuation of securities is one of the most required areas of valuation.

Valuation of land:

Land of settlements (cities, villages and other populated areas) are evaluated on the basis of market data analysis. The assessment of the value of agricultural land plots is determined on the basis of their actual yield of main agricultural plants.