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Legal support in the operations of any company is a guarantee of the security in doing business. Even if it is feasible for you to have an in-house lawyer "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" is ready to provide you with a set of talented legal consultants to face various legal issues you might come across. Legal issues are quite often closely tied with other aspects of business operations, the expertise from team of experts within other departments of "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" can be a viable asset to be combined with the legal expertise to provide a unique "sur mesure" solution for your business.

Legal department of "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" proposes the following range of services:

Establishment of contracts:

  • Development, legal analysis, support on agreements and international contracts
  • Participation in negotiations on the execution of agreements (development of disagreement protocols)

Resolution of claims:

  • Development of document procedures (claims, response to claims, claim applications, opinions on claim applications, petitions, applications, explanations, etc.)
  • Representation in economic courts for all instances on debts, tax arguments, protection of corporate rights, owner’s/lessor’s rights etc.
  • Transport disputes in freight forwarding
  • Regulation disputes with tax inspectorate and other state regulatory authorities
  • Legal support for the execution of court decisions (cooperation with executive authorities, protesting the actions of state executor)

Financial Services:

  • Consulting on tax legislation and tax planning
  • Objections on audit protocols of tax and other regulatory authorities
  • Consulting on customs legislation
  • Consulting on currency regulations

Company Registration:

  • Consulting on the foundation and registration of enterprises in any form of ownership
  • Enterprise and affiliate registration services
  • Preparation of document drafts (Charters, Statutes)
  • Introduction of changes to the documents and their registration (concession, sale, transfer of participation, change of founders, change in location, etc.)

Other services:

  • Combined legal services for enterprises
  • Economic legal consultancy
  • Search of legal information on the topic of interest
  • Consulting on business management and development of business processes, development of internal economic documentation