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"VneshExpertService" Consulting Company was established back in 1991 becoming the first national consulting company in Azerbaijan. It is no secret that the turbulent crisis of the 90’s affected the economies of many post-soviet countries, including Azerbaijan. With the emergence of new players in the market services provided by "VneshExpertService" became essential in helping local organizations to take a stable position and organize a proper work process. In November 2006,"VneshExpertService" Consulting Company became "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC".

Over the years, we have overcome numerous obstacles challenging the new ideas and processes that would lead the country to a steady development. Establishing a strong position in the market, we have set up a number of partnerships with leading international companies in the regional market. We have created the notion trust and recognition from our foreign partners, making "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" a renowned consulting firm in the region.

With the continuous growth in the regional economy, we have faced new challenges, overcoming the competition and extending our horizons. We have expanded the range of our operations and the list of services toaccommodate the needs of our clients. We have managed to remain competitive in a fast moving society.

"V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" has been in the region for almost two decades. We are one of the leading management consulting firms in the region; we hold a stable record of success and eagerness to develop further.

The core activities of the company include:

  • Legal Support
  • Accounting and Financial Consulting
  • Translation Services
  • Comprehensive database on the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • Evaluation/Assessment Service
  • Management Consulting
  • HR Recruitment Services
  • Project Management – Customer Support
  • Performance of Marketing Studies

Our goal is to assist local enterprises in increasing their business efficiency and maximizing their performance.

"V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" is formed of a group of individuals who are experts in law, audit, human resources, with the systematic approach and the efficiency in any small or large-scale projects.

Today we are present in the following countries:

Azerbaijan: Baku & Gandja   France: Paris
Russia: Moscow   United Kingdom: London
Georgia: Tbilisi   Luxembourg: Luxembourg
Kazakhstan: Astana   Canada: Toronto

Our client portfolio includes more than 150 Azerbaijani and foreign companies, government entities, international organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

At "V.E.S. Consultancy LLC" we guarantee an individual and efficient settlement approach for any setback, we devote ourselves to finding an optimum path of development for the local entities, maximize the performance of the regional market and thus, our own success.